Cops Buy Air Conditioner For 95-Year-Old After His Broke

Cops Buy Air Conditioner For 95-Year-Old After His Broke

Normally, cops won’t show up to help when home appliances break. However, a few Texas officers decided to make an exception when they heard who was calling.

Last Thursday, 95-year-old Julius Hatley called 911 after his air conditioner broke and forced him out of his home because it was dangerously hot inside. “Well, that’s not our normal 911 call.  But the 95-year-old part got us. It was getting warm outside. [He] didn’t have anyone to call or anyone to help,” said Officer William Margolis, who stopped by Julius’ home after responding to a few calls in the same neighborhood.

When officers arrived at 8:30 a.m., it was already 85 degrees and they found Juilius sitting on his porch to stay as cool as possible. “Mr. Hatley was sitting out on porch to stay cool,” Margolis said. “It’s kinda sad when you have to sit outside to stay cool.”

The officers took a look at the broken AC Unit and knew there was no way they could fix it when they saw it was made in 1988. Margolis and his partner, Christopher Weir, decided to go straight to Home Depot to buy Julius a brand new air conditioner with their own money.

“While there, Home Depot managers and employees decided to contribute $150 of their own money to help with the cause,” his wife, Jennifer, wrote. “This is what being an officer is about.” Weir and Officer Steven Rebrovich then returned to Julius’ home and installed it. “He was thankful, especially when his house started cooling down,” Margolis said.  “We didn’t go above and beyond in my opinion. He needed it. He’s a WWI vet. In our eyes, he’s the hero — not us.”

Now, the police are working to get Julius’ home repainted and making sure he gets groceries every week. “If anyone deserves this, it’s him.  He’s a WWII vet. We don’t have many of them around anymore,” Hatley said.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Jennifer Weir]