Cops Rescue 103 Puppies From An Overturned Truck

Cops Rescue 103 Puppies From An Overturned Truck

Drivers should always drive responsibly and carefully, but it’s even more important when there are animals in the back without any harnesses or animal seatbelts.

Without any seatbelt, animals are left completely unprotected in an accident, and even small accidents can be deadly to them. Unfortunately, when Missouri woman Emily Woodrum started driving, she didn’t care that there were 103 puppies in the back of her truck and recklessly started speeding.

Woodrum had been driving outside a small town in upstate New York to deliver the puppies to local malls when she lost control of the truck. Because she was driving too fast, the truck flipped off the side of the road and landed in a ditch off the interstate.

State troopers arrived quickly and miraculously managed to pull out every single puppy from the overturned vehicle. Out of the 103 puppies, only five were injured but thankfully none had any life-threatening injuries. The puppies, who police believe come from a puppy mill, were brought to the Finger Lakes SPCA but unfortunately have to be given back to their owner.

“While we too abhor puppy mills, we know of no means to legally confiscate animals only because there is a strong likelihood that a puppy came from one,” the group said in a post. “A formal release of ownership for these animals is being pursued.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Finger Lakes SPCA]