Cops Save A Choking 1-Year-Old’s Life Just In Time

Cops Save A Choking 1-Year-Old’s Life Just In Time

Car trouble is a major inconvenience at the best of times, but when one couple’s truck broke down on the side of the road on the way to the hospital, it nearly cost them their baby’s life.

Moments before, parents Justin Green and Lemorriea Myers had been spending their Friday afternoon with their three young children, but when Green told their 0ne-year-old son, Zion, he couldn’t have any more peanuts, the little boy burst into tears and choked on some peanuts that he had just shoved into his mouth.

“He started to choke and I yelled for Lemorriea,” Green said. Myers, who has worked in childcare for over 10 years, ran down to Zion and started the Heimlich maneuver to hopefully dislodge the peanut. But when it didn’t work, the couple grabbed Zion and their other kids, jumped in their truck, and rushed to the hospital. Yet minutes later, their truck broke down and the couple feared Zion would die there. “I jumped out to flag down a deputy that was coming in the opposite direction,” said Justin.

“Friday afternoon I had one of my guys, he was getting flagged down at Decker and Faraway. I could tell in his voice he was a little distraught and said that it was an infant child that had stopped breathing,” said Corporal Kristin Boyles from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Boyles had been an EMT for many years so she rushed to the scene and took over when she arrived. “I used the seat and supported his head and gave him back blows to perform the Heimlich.”

Zion was unconscious and losing color so Senior Deputy Dennis Thomas, a former firefighter, took over while waiting for an ambulance. “The incident happened in the middle of the street. There were a lot of people around, not to mention, five o’clock traffic. Whew, traffic was backed up,” he said.

Moments later the ambulance finally arrived. “I kept doing compressions as I ran towards the ambulance and literally opened up the back and put him in,” Boyles said. “We began working on him all the way to the hospital. There was a whole lot of praying going on in the back of that ambulance.”

Thanks to the determined officers, baby Zion got to the hospital just in time to save his life. “God is with us. I mean favor is upon us. I couldn’t be more grateful, thankful, for everybody who played a part in it.  Everybody had a major part,” the grateful mother said.

“You know, we’re not in charge all the time. Everything turns out like it’s supposed to for a reason. I told Zion’s mom the other day, I said, ‘You know there is a reason he is here. We don’t know what it is yet. He doesn’t know what it is yet. But I got a feeling it’s going to be something big,” Boyles told Myers.

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[Featured image: WLTX]