Cops Save Toddler And Puppy From Hot Car

Cops Save Toddler And Puppy From Hot Car

The temperature inside cars can rise to dangerous extremes on hot days, which is why one New Jersey woman called 911 right away when she realized she accidentally locked her dog and grandson inside her car.

After finishing loading her 2-year-old grandson and her dog in the back of her car, one grandmother realized she made a potentially deadly mistake when she tried to get into the driver seat of her car but saw her keys locked inside on the passenger seat.

The temperature outside was about 84 degrees, but she knew the temperature inside the car would rapidly rise beyond that if she didn’t get a door or window open fast. “The woman frantically dialed 911 and Troopers Sherry and Hodge arrived on scene,” the New Jersey State Police said in a post to Facebook.

“Due to the high temperature and visible perspiration on the child, Trooper Hodge advised the woman that he would have to break the car window. The woman agreed, Trooper Hodge broke the window and Trooper Sherry removed the child and dog from the car. Trooper Sherry placed the child in the air-conditioned troop car where they awaited EMS for a precautionary evaluation,” the New Jersey State Police said.

Thankfully, Troopers Jacob Sherry and Steven Hodge got to the l2-year-old and dog before any real damage was done, and now they’re warning others to be careful about securing keys. “It’s a good reminder to parents and caretakers everywhere to be aware when securing children and animals and that you secure your keys,” Trooper Lawrence Peele said.

Watch the entire video below to see what this officer did to save a two-year-old and his puppy.

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[Featured image: New Jersey State Police]