Customer Leaves Waitress $500 Tip To Fix Her Hearing Aid

Customer Leaves Waitress $500 Tip To Fix Her Hearing Aid

Normally, restaurant servers hope that customers will leave a 15-20 percent tip for their hard work, so when a customer left a Connecticut waitress a $500 tip, she was so stunned she instantly burst into tears.

Recently Keri Marie Carlson, a waitress at G.W. Carson’s, was walking a couple to their table like she normally did at work. However, unlike other days, Carlson was wearing only one of her hearing aids because the other was broken so she was having a hard time hearing the couple.

“On the way over he noticed that I was wearing one hearing aid,” Carlson said. “We got into talking about not being able to hear. However, I kept asking him to repeat himself a lot. He asked me if two aids would help and I told him I normally wear two, I just broke one not too long ago.”

“I didn’t say I needed the money or anything,” Carlson said. Yet after she left the couple at the table with menus, the man followed Carlson to the back of the restaurant and handed her $500 to fix or replace the broken hearing aid. “I am not taking no for answer, I want you to have this… Here is $500 to help you out with whatever you need,” the man said.

“I tried to give him the money back, but he was like, ‘No — you deserve this. I can’t let you go home like this.’” Carlson said. “My breathing and heart rate increased, tears came pouring out of my eyes and I cried in that man’s arms. I was, and still am, in shock that it even happened.”

“Thank you so much from my humble heart for this amazing gift,” Carlson said to the generous man who wished to stay anonymous. “You helped me believe there are still good people out there.”

Watch the entire video below to see how this waitress reacted when a customer gave her a $500 tip.

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[Feautured image: ABC]