Dad Leads Rescuers To Puppies And Their Mom

Dad Leads Rescuers To Puppies And Their Mom

While driving home from work one night, one Illinois man stopped and got out of his car when he saw a German Shepherd in the middle of the road that refused to get out of the way.

The friendly dog lead the man to a puppy on the shoulder of the road. “Once he picked up the puppy he continued to look all over the area for any other puppies, but didn’t find any. He tried to get the German Shepherd dog into his car but the German Shepherd would not allow him to approach,” said Sherry Klemme from the Hoopeston Animal Rescue Team.

The man brought the puppy straight to Hoopeston Animal Rescue and explained what had just happened. The next morning, Iroquois County Animal Control Warden, Jamie Fanning, went back out to the area and discovered the male dog inside a drainage ditch. Fanning sat with the dog, put a leash on him, and then tried to get him into her car but he refused to budge.

“He instead insisted upon walking in the opposite direction and started whining. After allowing him to walk me about a half of a mile to a mile down the road he led me to the opposite side of the street down into the ditch. Once we were in the ditch he kept sticking his head in a hole and looking at me, the hole was another drainage ditch but it was covered in weeds,” Fanning said. “I then could hear puppies crying. After checking the drain the mother and 6 puppies were located!”

“Once he knew I saw them he allowed me to secure him into my car! I then approached the mother who was sweet as can be,” Fanning explained. “She allowed me to pet her and remove the puppies and put them in my car, and then allowed me to leash her and put her in as well!”

“I transported them all to the Watseka Animal Hospital where they are resting comfortably and finally safe. The lone puppy that was found last night was reunited back with its family and mom accepted him right away! Dad is doing great, and is in a run next to them. He is very concerned about them, but seemed to relax once I showed him mom and babies were safe next to him. He is SUCH a good boy,” Fanning said about the father dog, who she aptly named Hero.

“It definitely brought tears to my eyes. It’s an awesome experience. I think a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t know that it’ll ever happen again. I’m very happy that I was a part of it.” said Fanning.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Hoopeston Animal Rescue Team]