Dad Saves Bus Full Of Kids From Impaired Driver

Dad Saves Bus Full Of Kids From Impaired Driver

Firemen are used to risking their lives in order to save complete strangers. So when one Canadian firefighter noticed that children riding in a school bus were in danger, he did everything in his power to save them.

This past Monday, off-duty firefighter Kurt Stenberg had just parked at his house with his three-year-old daughter in the backseat when he noticed a school bus driving erratically down the street. At one point, the bus jumped the curb and was perched on the sidewalk. The bus was ‘kind of rocking back and forth,’ Kurt said.

The driver then pulled back onto the road and started to drive away, but Kurt’s instincts took over and he got back in his car to follow the bus. “I thought there must be something wrong,” he explained. Kurt caught up with the bus, which only made it a few blocks away before it pulled over again.

Kurt jumped in the bus and noticed that the driver seemed to be impaired. To keep her from driving off, he grabbed the keys and then parked his car in front of the bus before calling 911. Now, Kurt is being hailed a hero for saving the kids on the bus, but he claims he was just doing what anyone else would in that situation. “I would like to think that anyone else would have done the same thing if they were standing out there,” he said.

Watch the entire video below to see how this off-duty fireman saved a school bus full of small children.

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[Featured image: CTV]