Dad Saves The Day After His Daughter Peed Her Pants In Class

Dad Saves The Day After His Daughter Peed Her Pants In Class

Fathers are known for being overprotective when it comes to their daughters, but one Utah dad has touched the hearts of people around the country by what he did for his six-year-old after she had an accident at school.

Last week, mom Connie Sowards received a call in the middle of the day from her six-year-old daughter Valerie. The kindergartener had accidentally peed her pants while in class and was crying that she wanted to get picked up. Connie told her husband Ben about the accident, and he immediately went to bring her home.

“My heart kind of just broke,” Ben said. But before leaving, he decided to try and make the situation less embarrassing for Valerie and splashed some water on his pants to make it look as though he had peed himself also. And when he showed up at school, it was all worth it when he saw his little girl’s face.

“When he arrived to pick her up, he told her, ‘Honey, I need to use your backpack to cover up my accident if we are gonna get out of here,’” said Ben’s older daughter Lucinda, who shared pictures of the touching moment online. “She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity,” said the hero dad“She was laughing about it. It was so funny.”

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