Dad Spends Father’s Day In The Hospital Donating Kidney To His Daughter

Dad Spends Father’s Day In The Hospital Donating Kidney To His Daughter

Normally, kids are supposed to give their dad’s gifts to show their appreciation on Father’s Day. But one dad plans to spend his Father’s day in the hospital giving a life-saving gift to his daughter, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aaron and Kari McCoy had no idea how much their lives would change when they welcomed their youngest daughter, Claire, into the world. During the delivery, Claire’s skull was fractured, which caused her to develop cerebral palsy. “I thought why would a good God allow my daughter to be so injured? Why would he allow this to happen?” Kari said. “It was very difficult on our marriage,” Aaron added.

For months following Claire’s birth, Kari and Aaron struggled to accept what happened to their daughter. Eventually, they got tired of being angry and started to appreciate what a gift Claire is. “Do you want to be angry your whole life?” Aaron said. “You have to realize God is in control of all things.”

“We are who we are because of her. We wouldn’t change a thing. Not one single thing,” Kari said. “She has served an amazing purpose in life and she is so loved,” Aaron said. But for the past two years, 15-year-old Claire’s kidneys have been failing and recently her body has started shutting down.

Claire’s parents were devastated by the thought of losing her, but then found out that Aaron was a perfect match. The Texas dad is thrilled to get to spend his Father’s day saving his daughter’s life. “What greater gift can a father give his daughter, his child, than the gift of life?” Aaron said. “It’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to do all day long.”

Watch the entire video below to see the what this father is doing to save his daughter’s life.

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