Dad Walks Bride Down The Aisle After Having A Stroke

Dad Walks Bride Down The Aisle After Having A Stroke

One North Carolina Woman always dreamed about having the perfect wedding, which couldn’t be complete without having her dad by her side to walk her down the aisle.

However, when dad Tim Cox was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable disease that causes scarring on the lungs, his health quickly started to deteriorate. Cox started getting added oxygen to help him breathe, but when even that stopped helping, his family started to worry that he might not make it to the wedding.

“I depended on it more and more. Soon I went to 24/7 that I needed it, at 2 liters a minute,” Cox said. “I play that in my mind so much, and he has a special relationship with both of our daughters. He is a great dad,” said wife Diane, who was heartbroken that her husband might not be there on their daughter’s wedding day.

Doctors determined that the only way to save Cox’s life was to replace his failing lungs with a donor’s and placed him on a waiting list. Thankfully, they found him a perfect match just in time last May. “He met all the criteria, and it’s a very stringent criteria people have to meet; they have to be otherwise healthy. All their other organs have to be in good shape, and it really has to be a single organ failure, so we can replace that organ and get their body back on track,” said Dr. Usman Ahmad.

Cox underwent the lifesaving surgery, but 10 days later, he suffered a stroke and his family was sure he wouldn’t make it to the wedding. But after months of hard work, Cox stunned his family with his miraculous recovery and will be able to walk his daughter down the aisle later this month.”I just count today as one of the many special blessings. Each day is a new day but they mean more to me now.”

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