Dash Cam Captures Close Call Between Little Boy And Moving Van

Dash Cam Captures Close Call Between Little Boy And Moving Van

A man from Edmonton is sharing a shocking video he captured on dash cam while driving his car. 

Ryan Collinson posted the video on YouTube on June 2, and the 30-second clip appears to show the van travel down a residential street at a slow speed when a small child runs out from behind another vehicle parked on the left side of the road. 

In the video, the driver sees the boy and immediately slams on his breaks, just missing the child. The boy runs away almost instantaneously. After a pause, as Collinson catches his breath, he says to the boy, “Oh my God.” And asks, “Are you OK?”

Several other children gathered on the sidewalk, along with the little boy who points towards the vehicle and Collinson slowly pulls over. He then asked the boy, “Are you scared?” He said the boy went back to playing, but Collinson himself was shaking. 

Collinson wrote on YouTube, “Had I been texting, playing with the radio, or anything, this kid would have been hit for sure. Even just the bubble he was chasing gave me a warning sign that there were kids there. Luckily I wasn’t going any faster either.” 

Collinson later told Global News that it was a soap bubble that alerted him that a child may be nearby, and that’s when he started to react. “They were just blowing bubbles in the yard and then one floated across the street. He chased it down and just popped out of nowhere,” Collinson said.

“I moved my foot over to the brake and as soon as I moved my foot over, the kid came out from behind the truck. I just slammed down as hard as I could and jerked the wheel. I was literally centimeters away from hitting this kid,” he continued. 

After the incident, Collison urged others on Twitter to drive safe and keep your eyes peeled on the road. “Even if you’re in your own driveway just pulling out, don’t look at your phone, pay attention to where you’re going,” he said. 

When Global News reached out to the little boy’s mother, she revealed that kids in the neighborhood are often playing outside and the family will use this as a learning opportunity. 

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Let this video be a reminder to keep your eyes on the road.

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Ope Aaron]