Disabled Pug Is Rescued From Her Cruel Family And Gets Lifesaving Surgery

Disabled Pug Is Rescued From Her Cruel Family And Gets Lifesaving Surgery

When it comes to treating those with disabilities and physical imperfections equally, humans have a lot to learn from our animal friends.

As we’ve seen time and time again, just like with this blind dog and his seeing-eye best friend, sometimes other living creatures can be the best teachers on how being different makes each person or animal so special.

We all can take away a lot from Bella, one disabled dog who despite struggling through most of her life, has never let her difficulties get her down.

Gwenn of rescue organization Pug Nation says sweet Bella, who is disabled as a direct result of cruel and inhumane inbreeding practices, looks like she’s part penguin, part seal and part Pug. However, all we see when we look at this sweet dog with broken elbows is an inspiration and a survivor.

“When she first broke her elbow her family took her to the veterinarian who was able to fix it. He told the family to keep her confined, keeping the pressure/weight off that limb. For whatever the reason, they didn’t follow these instructions and she re-broke the elbow,” Pug Nation wrote on Rumble. “At some point, Bella’s other elbow became broken and the veterinarian decided to keep her at the hospital to keep her confined so she could heal properly.”

Doctors soon realized the poor dog’s limbs would not recover and they suggested amputation, but her family refused. Nine months went by before a brave hero was able to convince Bella’s family to turn her over to Pug Nation and have a fighting chance. Today, she is 6 years old  and has a new family who loves her.

“Amazingly, after everything Bella has been through, she is incredibly sweet and has no idea that she is special needs: she barks at passing cars, begs for treats, asks for cuddles and loves going on walks – albeit she only walks with two legs instead of four,” Pug Nation wrote. “She does not let two broken elbows set her back. She is fast – whether she is waddling like a seal or running on two legs.”

Since this video was recorded, Bella has had her double amputation surgery and is now free from pain. Pug Nation reported she is doing well and is happier than ever!

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[Featured Image: Rumble]