Doctor Performs Surgery On Young Patient’s Stuffed Animal

Doctor Performs Surgery On Young Patient’s Stuffed Animal

Having to be admitted to the hospital and undergo surgery as a child can be terrifying, which is why one Wisconsin doctor went above and beyond to make his young patient feel more comfortable.

Recently, a young Wisconsin boy had to undergo surgery, and when his surgeon, Dr. Travis Groth came by his room after the procedure to check on him, he noticed he was tightly clinging to a tattered stuffed animal. “He saw the tear and said ‘you know what, I can tell this is his best friend so I’m going to patch him up too,'” said Tony Jasen, the boy’s father.

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“Ryan has probably a thousand stuffed animals, but this one is his favorite,” Jasen said about a “Monsters, Inc.” “Mike Wazowski” doll, which is his son’s favorite stuffed animal. Ryan brings the stuffed animal everywhere, and it had become so worn that one of his arms was torn and was hanging off.

Groth brought the stuffed animal into the operating room and sewed up the arm. “When I operate, I will wear surgical loops which are magnifying glasses so I just kept those on and sewed up his arm with extra stitches and used the normal operating instruments,” said Groth.

Photo by Facebook/Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

“When he woke up, he saw his best buddy also kind of patched up and had bandages around him so he felt like he was on the same page with him,” said Jasen. “By seeing that their toys underwent a procedure as well, I think it just brightens up their day,” said Groth, whose act of kindness went viral on Facebook after the hospital posted an adorable photo from the procedure.

“Our doctors, nurses and staff go out of their way to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe. Whether it’s stitching up their favorite toy or dressing up as their favorite character, we know how to make children feel better,” The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin wrote.

Photo by 11Alive

Watch the entire video below to see how this doctor went above and beyond for a young patient.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin]