Dog Collapses On Top Of Mountain: Whole Team Comes To Save Her

Dog Collapses On Top Of Mountain: Whole Team Comes To Save Her

Hana, the German Shepherd was out for a hike with her dad, when suddenly the heat became too much for her to handle and she collapsed. 

Unable to move at all, Hana was now stuck far up at the top of Snow Lake Trail in Washington and Hannah’s owner worried help wouldn’t get there in time. He acted quickly and called Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) who immediately jumped into action. A team of rescuers with plenty of equipment drove to the bottom of the mountain and began the long hike up the trail. As they went up, they passed several hikers who told them about the dog and said she was resting her head on her dad’s jacket, waiting for help to arrive. 

According to The Dodo, “Hiking the trail took about an hour,” said WASART’s public information officer, Michaela Eaves. “We work on conditioning for hikes so the pace was faster than your normal hike. She was about 3.5 miles up. Hana raised her head to acknowledge us when we arrived, but then lay her head back down and let us work.” 

The rescuers took Hana’s temperature and cooled her down using ice packs and a frozen Capri sun packet donated by a passing hiker. Anyone that passed Hana poured cold water trying to help the overheated dog. Once Hana was cool enough, the team secured her with a harness and muzzle and loaded her in a litter which is a stretcher with a wheel. 

“On the way down the trail, Hana watched the scenery go by but didn’t try to get out of the litter,” Eaves said. “She didn’t seem to mind when we’d switch people managing the litter and we made sure she could always see her owner.” As they made their way down, more volunteers joined the rescue effort, allowing rested arms to carry Hana. 

Finally, the team reached the bottom with Hana and brought her to the family’s car where everyone was waiting anxiously for her- including her brother Scooby. Scooby knew something was going on and paid close attention to Hana the entire time. Her family thanked rescuers and Hana was rushed to an emergency vet to get checked out. 

When the rescue team checked on Hana the next day, she was still at the vet, but her family said she was doing well and will be released soon. Thank you to the kind-hearted good samaritans out there who saved this dog’s life!

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[Featured Image Credit: WASART]