Dog Covered In Barnacles Has A Miraculous Transformation

Dog Covered In Barnacles Has A Miraculous Transformation

Animal Rescue, Animal Aid Unlimited, India, received a call about a street dog suffering from advanced mange. 

When Animal Aid arrived to find the dog, it was clear she was in need of urgent help. Flies swarmed around the scabs covering her neck, causing her skin to look like barnacles. Rescuers grabbed a net and trapped the dog, as they knew it was the only way to prevent the animal from running away. 

Once she arrived at Animal Aid, the exhausted girl rested for a few minutes as she had been through so much. Her scabs were causing her extreme pain, but now that she was in the care of expert medical staff, her pain would soon be gone. 

Doctors gave the dog her first of many treatments to cure the mange, and they applied a medicated lotion to help soften her painful scabs. Within a few days, the scabs were gone and the sweet dog received her first bath. 

Slowly, but surely, this loving girl was beginning to transform. She finally enjoyed a nice meal, which was a lot different than the food she was used to picking up off the street. 

Animal Aid Unlimited shared on their YouTube, “When we rescued her, she looked like an old and dying dog. Now she has recovered from mange, she has been spayed, vaccinated, and each step of the way, loved.” Rescuers named her Cherry and you won’t believe it when you see Cherry today. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India]