Dog Found Alive Under Debris After Deadly Earthquake

Dog Found Alive Under Debris After Deadly Earthquake

After Mexico City was hit by a deadly earthquake, brave rescuers and volunteers quickly began searching through the debris for survivors.

The powerful 7.1 magnitude quake easily flattened homes, schools, and buildings across the city, and while over 230 people have been confirmed dead, rescuers have been working tirelessly to search for any survivors trapped underneath the rubble.

In the midst of so much destruction and chaos, rescuers found a glimmer of hope when they discovered a dog buried underneath the debris of a collapsed building that was still alive. The dog was understandably petrified but miraculously appeared to be unharmed.

Footage of the moment, which was shared online, shows rescuers gently pull the Golden Retriever from the pile and then carefully passing it up to safety as the crowd below cheered since it meant others trapped underneath the debris might still be found alive.

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment these rescuers pulled a trapped dog out of the rubble.

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[Featured image: Facebook/RÉCORD México]