Dog Is Heartbroken When Owner Surrenders Him At Shelter

Dog Is Heartbroken When Owner Surrenders Him At Shelter

On Monday morning when Tito’s owner dragged him into the lobby of the Miami-Dade Animal Services to surrender him, it was clear that he was devastated. 

Animal advocate and shelter volunteer, Christina Dickson videotaped this sad moment posting it on her Facebook, while her heart broke into a million pieces. According to the video, when Christina spoke with Tito’s owner, the woman said the dog was a stray who the family took in and fed. 

Their female dog had become aggressive and hostile towards Tito, even refusing to let him eat, and that’s when they made the decision to surrender Tito. In the video, Dickson brought up that if Tito was neutered, he may no longer be perceived as a threat to the family’s other dog. But, when Christina offered free veterinary services for the dog’s sterilization, his owner declined, and at that moment, Christina knew Tito’s fate. 

In the shelter, Tito may have a death sentence if no one chooses to adopt him. 

Watching Tito resist going into the shelter absolutely broke our hearts- it’s like he knew what was happening. We have seen families surrender their dogs time and time again, but it is still sad every time.

Tito is currently being listed at Pet Harbor“I am an unaltered white and cream American bulldog. I have been at the shelter since June 5. The staff thinks I am about two years old.” For more information on this dog, contact the Miami-Dade Animal Services at 305.884.1101. Make sure to reference ID#A1878910.”

Watch this heartbreaking video of Tito being surrendered below: 

Do you think it was wrong of Tito’s owner to give him up? Or, would you have done the same thing?

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Christina Dickson]