Dog Is So Lonely, He Escapes The Yard To Hug His Best Friend

Dog Is So Lonely, He Escapes The Yard To Hug His Best Friend

Messy is a beautiful yellow Labrador who lives in Thailand with his mom, Oranit Kittragul. 

Like most Labrador’s, Messy likes to play, loves food and loves to be affectionate. Kittragul isn’t the only one who benefits from Messy’s love, however, because Messy has a friend named Audi who lives just across the street. 

The husky’s owner is usually away from home or at work and often leaves Audi in the yard by himself. Like many dogs left alone, Audi sometimes gets anxious and it takes a friend to calm him down. Being that Messy is right across the street, Audi is able to have the company of another dog. 

“When he feels lonely and cries, I always ask my dog to see and talk to him,” Oranit told The Dodo. “My dog just looks from my fence and sometimes he barks to [Audi]. I don’t know what they are communicating, but he stops crying.” While dogs cannot speak, it seems Audi really appreciates the companionship he has with Messy and Kittragul snapped a photo of the dogs being affectionate with one another. 

Apparently, Audi’s owner forgot to close the gate to his yard that day as he was leaving for work and lonely Audi seized his opportunity to see Messy. Audi escaped and was perched up on her fence and Messy was right there to greet him. “He ran to my dog and they hugged each other,” Oranit said, snapping a photo of that tender moment.

The embrace was a brief one and Audi soon returned home, but the incident proved their bond is deeper than Kittragul had realized. We hope Kittragul and Audi’s owner will make arrangements for the dogs to get together on a regular basis so they can enjoy each other’s company. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Oranit Kittragul via The Dodo]