Dog Saves Newborn Goat Making For The Cutest Rescue Ever

Dog Saves Newborn Goat Making For The Cutest Rescue Ever

In one of the cutest rescues, quite possibly, ever, a shepherd girl and her dog rescue a newborn goat and its mother.

The Hurriyet Daily News posted the heartwarming photos on their website, which were reportedly shot in the Black Sea province of Rize. 

Rize is one of the smallest provinces of Turkey on the Black Sea Coast, but also one of the most important since it’s the tea industry center. Basically, it’s unlike anything we’d ever see in the United States. 

In the adorable photos, the shepherd and her dog are shown on top of a snowy mountain, making an incredible team! The dog carries the baby goat in what looks like a knapsack, while the shepherd carries the mother goat on her back. 

The newborn goat even appears to be smiling in the photos! 

We wish we had more information about this shepherd and how the baby goat and its mother are doing, but for now, I guess we’ll have to enjoy the photos. 

If we receive any more information, we will update it here. 

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