Dog Tied To Stop Sign With Bag Of Food And Sad Note Is Rescued

Dog Tied To Stop Sign With Bag Of Food And Sad Note Is Rescued

A woman named Tania Cheek was on the phone with her best friend, Tracalyn Roberts, when something made her stop her car. 

“She said, ‘Oh my god, Tania — there’s a dog tied to a stop sign,’” Cheek, owner of Paws on a Stroll, told The Dodo. “I said, ‘You have no option, Tracalyn — you have to get him.’” Roberts then parked her car and got out to see the dog, who turned out to be very sweet. 

The bulldog was left alone with a bag of dog food and a note written on the back of a pay stub that said, “Please take care of me!” Although the dog was in the shade, it was still too hot that day for him to be left outside. “She found him around noon, and it gets to be around 95 to 98 [degrees] in the day,” Cheek said. “In the picture, it looked like there was water in a bowl, but there was actually nothing in it. There was just a bunch of empty water bottles around it.”

Robert’s could not get over the face on this dog, as he looked so happy despite his current circumstance. She snapped a photo of the dog, but sadly his face fell when she turned away for a moment. “His eyes were just so sad,” Cheek said. “He just looked at her, and was like, ‘You’re leaving?’ I think he was really confused about why he was left.”

The dog did not know it yet, but he was in safe hands with Roberts who took him in her car and drove him to her friend’s house, which turned out to be his temporary foster home. Roberts named him Solo and said that he stayed at her friend Chris’ house and they set him up in the backyard with some water and a shaded area. 

In the meantime, Roberts and Cheek started posting about Solo on social media, in hopes of finding him a forever home. To make sure he was going to a good family, Cheek enlisted the help of Love and Rescue, an organization that helps find forever homes for foster dogs. “I wanted to make sure that wherever he was going, he was going to be in a home where he was taken care of and loved and not abandoned again,” Cheek said.

“The people who ended up taking him in were actually my mom and stepdad,” Cheek added. “I told them everything about my experience of trying to find him a home, and they said, ‘We can just take him.’” Solo still has some issues to work through from his past, but Cheek told The Dodo that he’s doing very well and Cheek’s parents adore him to pieces. 

“They’re loving him,” Cheek said. “They call me every day and let me know everything that he’s accomplishing. They say, ‘It’s crazy how smart this dog is. We don’t know why he was left.’”

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[Featured Image Credit: Tracalyn Roberts via The Dodo]