Dog Walks Dog- Labrador Retriever Walks Daschund Puppy

Dog Walks Dog- Labrador Retriever Walks Daschund Puppy

It is a beautiful thing when pets get along well with other pet members in their family.

Sure, it’s possible for them to not get along, but most of the time, pets are loving and even tend to look after one another.

That is very much the case for this Labrador Retriever and his younger brother- the Dachshund Puppy, shown in this quick 30 second video below.

It was a cold snowy day, and the family went for a walk.  Instead of having the owners walk the Dachshund puppy, this white Labrador Retriever felt some inclination to walk the puppy himself.

No, we’re not talking about walking alongside the puppy, we’re talking about walking the puppy!  This lab took the Dachshund’s leash in it’s mouth, and helped the puppy along the snow.

Maybe there was ice on the ground, and the lab didn’t want the puppy to get hurt, or maybe he just grabbed the leash so the puppy could walk at the same pace as the rest of the family.

Regardless, this video is absolutely heartwarming to watch, as it’s always a nice surprise when we see our pets showing genuine love to one another.

Watch below to see the adorableness for yourself!

[Featured Image: YouTube- Levi Pounds]