Driver Finds Koala Trapped In Wheel After 10-Mile Trip

Driver Finds Koala Trapped In Wheel After 10-Mile Trip

Wild animals sometimes seek shelter in unusual places, and while a car’s wheel arch provides some protection from the elements, one traumatized koala learned the hard way why it’s never a good place to hide.

Earlier this month, an Australian driver heard an unusual noise coming from the wheel of their car after driving for about 10 miles. After parking the car, the driver went to see where the noise was coming from and discovered two eyes staring back from inside the car’s wheel arch.

The driver immediately called Jane Brister, a wildlife rescuer from Fauna Rescue of South Australia’s Koala, to rescue the terrified creature that must have climbed into the wheel arch before the 10-mile journey. “I soon realized her predicament. I could only see the top of her head and a paw,” Brister said about the koala.

The rescuers removed the wheel and found that the koala thankfully wasn’t pinned to something but was terrified and holding on for her life. “She was hanging on very, very tight,” Brister said. “It’s amazing and it’s a windy road, it’s downhill, so the car would’ve been lurching from side to side,” said Dave Juniper with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service.

“She was crying a little bit, she was a little bit shaken, she was certainly in shock but I rushed her straight to the vet,” Juniper added. Luckily, the koala only suffered minor superficial injuries and was released back into the wild after a week of observation. “After everything she’s been through, she’s had so much stress and trauma, to see her just toddle off and up the tree, and currently she’s found the biggest fork in the tree, she’s snuggled up, she’s fast asleep,” Juniper said.

Watch the entire video below to see what one driver discovered trapped in their car wheel.

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[Featured image: CH9/Metropolitan Fire Service]