Driver Finds Puppy Thrown Away Like Garbage On The Street

Driver Finds Puppy Thrown Away Like Garbage On The Street

While running late to work one morning this past week, a Kentucky mom couldn’t think of anything but getting to work, which is why she decided to take a shortcut she normally doesn’t use to save some time.

However, even in her rush, she couldn’t help but slow down when she saw a mysterious garbage bag on the road in front of her. “I saw this trash bag in the road, and I thought to myself, ‘Did I just see that bag move?’ The closer I got, I realized it was moving,” Malissa Sergent Lewis said.

“I could hardly wrap my mind around that. Something was alive in that bag, and I just knew I had to get whatever it was out,” she said. Lewis pulled off to the side of the road, and slowly approached the bag since she had no idea what was trapped inside, and if it was dangerous.

Photo by Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis

“The bag was tied off in a knot, so I carefully tore a corner and looked inside,” Lewis said. “It was a puppy. And he sure was glad to see me. As soon as I opened it up, and he saw light, he just started wagging his tail. He knew he was OK. I couldn’t believe it.”

“Who could do something like that to any animal? I don’t care who you are; everybody loves puppies,” she said. “It’s a real cold-hearted person to put an animal, any animal, in a garbage bag and dump it on the side of the road. They had bad, bad intentions doing that.”

Lewis got back in the car with the sweet puppy and drove off to the elementary school where she worked, but had her son come pick up the puppy, who they later named ‘Hefty’, and bring him home. “We got him his shots,” she said. “He seems happy and healthy.”

Photo by Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis

“We all love the puppy,” Lewis said. “He’s going to be loved, and have a good home with us. I’m just glad I was in the right place at the right time to save him. That’s what it was.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible moment Malissa rescued a puppy who had been thrown out like garbage.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis]