Dying Grandparents Witness Granddaughter’s Marriage Proposal

Dying Grandparents Witness Granddaughter’s Marriage Proposal

Angi Grippo always dreamed that her beloved grandparents would get to see her walk down the aisle when she got married one day, and was devastated when she realized that moment might not ever happen after finding out that her grandmother and grandfather both had only months to live.

“We received a phone call. My grandfather, 92 and grandmother, 85, were given months to live. Grandpa’s body is just slowly shutting down and grandma has stage 4 cancer that has spread throughout her entire body,” said Angi’s sister. “When we realized that their health was failing quickly, they requested one thing….a trip to the beach with all 4 generations. My parents, my uncle, us, and our kids.”

The Angi, her boyfriend Toby, and the rest of the family quickly arranged plans to get to Florida as soon as possible for one last reunion. “She mentioned amongst the scurrying to plan the trip that she was devastated if she and Toby ever get married, there obviously would be no way that her very favorite people, my grandparents would make it to see her down the aisle.”

“Toby, being the thoughtful guy that he is decided to go ahead and put his plan into motion. He wouldn’t be able to make a wedding happen in time, but he certainly could do the next best thing…..plan a surprise engagement on the beach, so they could be there to witness it,” Angi’s sister explained. Shortly after everyone made it down to the beach, Toby got down on one knee behind Angi’s back. “Angi turned around to Toby on his knee to pop the question surrounded by 4 generations of Angi’s people, Grandma and Grandpa included.”

“I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. I was so shocked, and to have my whole family there, it just meant so much to me,” Angi said. “For them to see this moment in my life. knowing they probably won’t be able to come to my wedding, meant a tremendous amount to me. It was like everyone else was gone in the world. It was just Toby, myself, and my grandparents.”

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