Elderly Couple Goes On Blind Date And Becomes A Viral Sensation

Elderly Couple Goes On Blind Date And Becomes A Viral Sensation

If you’re sick and tired of the internet dating culture, you aren’t alone. Many of us are, especially this quaint pair of seniors who found each other the old fashioned way: a blind date.

I’m sure you’ve had an awkward date in two in your life where a friend sets you up and then you spend an hour and a drink coming up with something to talk about.

Two kids, Miriam Steiner, 93, and Harold Sharlin, 90, recently had a similar situation, though I hope they left out the awkward small talk stating where they see themselves in five years.

The two met for a blind date at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C., and their story has since gone viral.

It all started when Sharlin’s granddaughter waited on Steiner in a restaurant, according to TODAY.

“My Jenny was so impressed with Miriam’s pep and vigor that she said, ‘You’d make a great date for my grandfather!'” Sharlin told TODAY.

So Sharlin and Steiner set up a date to meet at a bookstore. When Steiner told the staff he was looking for his date, they found it so cute, they had to snap a picture.

Sharlin and Steiner became widow and widower in the late 90s. While he has toyed with dating here and there, this was her first time back in the game since the death of her husband.

“I loved him, and I didn’t look for anyone else after that,” she said. “But I said, all right, what have I got to lose?”

“I’m a conversationalist,” Sharlin said. “I like to sit and talk. I like having a woman in my life.”

The two were simply glad they had the opportunity to meet people and converse.

“It’s not easy, making connections as a senior,” Steiner said. “But we need it … We’re both in our 90s. We’re both handicapped. Neither of us drive. It’s up there with Medicare and Social Security. I hope people remember that.”

Dating can be tough, but it’s not impossible to find romance in the resold book’s store. So there you have it folks. If you know somebody who would find this story interesting, then please SHARE to spread these warm fuzzies along.

[Featured Image Credit: TODAY]