Elephant Rushes To Save Her Favorite Human From Drowning

Elephant Rushes To Save Her Favorite Human From Drowning

Kham Lha is one of the youngest calfs at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for these fascinating, endangered creatures in Thailand. 

Over her short amount of time there, she’s formed an incredible bond with one special staff member named Derek. When Derek wanted to see just how strong Kham Lha’s love for him was, he pretended to be drowning to see what the little elephant would do. In the incredible video below, just at Darrick thought, Kham Lha rushed to his rescue, even though he didn’t actually need saving.

In previous videos Derek has captured, whenever he calls her name, she comes running to him! The strong bond they share started about 4 years ago when Kham Lha was one of the 19 elephants rescued from the tourism industry in 2015. 

Being greeted with a warm welcome by Darrick when she arrived at Elephant Nature Park was a lot different than the way Kham Lha was used to being treated. We bet that Derek will have a friend in Kham Lha for the rest of his life. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube]