Ever See a Dog Play ‘Pitball’?

Ever See a Dog Play ‘Pitball’?

Pitball- When a pit bull jumps head first into a ball pit, and just has a good old time.

This pit bull looked like he was having the time of his life..

He just flipped over in the ball pit, which was on the beach by the way, which could not have been more perfect.

He let all all his stress go from work, and just played some ‘Pitball.’

Gif Credit: i.imgur.com

Here are some other animals playing in a ball pit.

A crazy pug:

Gif Credit: tumblr

A calm and slow golden retriever:

Image Credit: 2.bp.blogspot.com

A bunch of cuties:

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

And the crazy pug again:

Gif Credit: tumblr

And a video:

Has your dog or pet ever played in a ball pit?

[Featured Image Credit: i.imgur.com]