Every Office Could Use A Set Of These Cats Who’d Rather Play Than Work

Every Office Could Use A Set Of These Cats Who’d Rather Play Than Work

Do you ever have one of those days?

You can’t quite place a finger on it, but they are the days that drag for no reason at all. You refill your coffee cup three more times than usual and the meetings seem endless.

Well, the solution for such a problem is quite simple. Invest in getting a few Powerpoint Pets to make the office a better (and smellier!) place.

This bunch, for example, didn’t want to sit through YET another Powerpoint presentation. Rather than putting themselves through that agony yet again, they decided instead to simply frolic through the plastic slides (the things they used on an overhead projector before the internet was created by God).

Rather than looking at the slide, they simply made a slimp-n-slide. These cats have the right idea in mind. They rolled around on the floor for a while and took a well-deserved break from their full-time job of being absolutely adorable.

The Youtube user, ruppie213, a gem who brought us this wonderful piece of art, tells us that she was actually cleaning out some old slides. The office was preparing to throw them away and then the cats got their grimy paws on those things.

The only remaining question now is where did this office get those adorable kittens?

Now get back to work, kitties!

Image Credit: Giphy