Family Abandons Elderly Dog At A Shelter In A Trash Bag

Family Abandons Elderly Dog At A Shelter In A Trash Bag

A dog will give all their love and devotion to their family until the day they die, which is why rescuers from a California animal shelter were so heartbroken when a family abandoned their elderly dog.

For the past ten years, Blackie the dog had given her family all of her love and affection. As she got older, however, she required more care than what her family wanted to give her. When a tumor on her tail began bleeding and making a mess everywhere, they decided it was time for her to go.

“Blackie was surrendered because she was bleeding all over,” said Kelly Smíšek, executive director of Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF). The family put Blackie in a garbage bag to keep blood from getting on their car, and just left her at the Carson Animal Shelter.

Rescuers from FFF heard about Blackie and immediately drove to the shelter to pick her up. “She slept for the entire car ride, and when she arrived at FFF, she wanted to sniff everyone and everything,” Smíšek said. “She is eager to please, curious and quickly finds her human’s side in times of uncertainty. But you can tell that her love has not been reciprocated for a long time.”

Despite everything Blackie’s been through, she’s incredibly friendly and seemed to sense that she’s finally in good hands. The group immediately got Blackie clean, fed her a good meal, and gave her lots of attention. And once Blackie gets surgery to remove the tumor, her rescuers are determined to find her a family deserving her love that will care for her for the rest of her life. “She is a loyal dog and will find a deserving family quickly — I am sure of it,” Smíšek said.

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[Featured image: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs]