Family Of 3 Adopts 7 Siblings In Foster Care

Family Of 3 Adopts 7 Siblings In Foster Care

Jessaka Clark and her husband Josh Clark always wanted to have a big family of their own, but those dreams suddenly disappeared when they found out they couldn’t get pregnant.

However, they refused to give up their dream of raising a family together so the Clarks decided to adopt a child. “The month we got married, we were actually told we weren’t going to be able to have children of our own so we started the adoption process,” Clark said. “Seven months later, we were surprised with the pregnancy of our own son.”

The couple was thrilled when baby Noah was born, but about a year later they still wanted to expand their family and decided to start the adoption process again. Soon after, the adoption agency contacted them about fostering seven siblings and Jessaka and Josh said yes right away. “It just seemed right, so we didn’t question it,” Jessaka said. “Noah has always kind of wanted brothers and sisters. By the time he got to meet them, he knew all of their names and they were already his brothers and sisters.”

The kids moved in with the Clarks in April 2016, and while it took a little getting used to, they were a family right away. “Eight seems like a big number, but it’s mostly just the logistics of it,” Jessaka explained. “Okay, how do we get to soccer practice for these three and volleyball practice for this one? How in the world are we going to get four car seats in the back of this thing? We forget all the time there’s actually eight until people are sitting there counting them at a restaurant.”

The couple decided to make their foster children official members of the family, and a year after moving in, Jessaka and Josh adopted all seven kids and became a family of 10 this month. “They were my kids from the first time we met,” Jessaka said. “It’s nice to have the finality of it and the kids definitely feel a huge difference because they know that this is it — it’s permanent.”

The Clarks are now raising money to help support the sudden expansion of their family, but it’s all worth it in their eyes. “It’s just brought this whole level of fun and adventure in our lives. The most rewarding has just been the love in the house [and sharing] our home with these kids who are incredibly smart. They’re so beautiful. They’re so sweet. They are crazy. They are loud. They are fun.”

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[Featured image: GoFundMe/Jessaka Clark]