Family Turns To Facebook To Find Brother Given Up For Adoption

Family Turns To Facebook To Find Brother Given Up For Adoption

Most people would turn to adoption agencies to find a family member, but the Kramer’s are hoping Facebook will bring them a Christmas miracle. 

Geraldine “Jerri” Kramer gave birth to her son in the summer of 1963 when she was 19-years-old.

Forced by her parents to give her newborn up for adoption, the ailing 72-year-old mom now wants to meet her son more than ever. 

Credit: Marie Henson Facebook

Catholic Social Services took custody of her son over 50 years ago, and never told her where the infant she called “Jack” would be going. 

“The nurses misunderstood that I was giving him up for adoption and so they put him in my arms right after birth before taking him away,” Kramer said. “I want him to know that I have always loved him.”

Kramer later married her husband, Joseph on May 7, 1966, and the couple have five children together. 

On Thanksgiving Day of this year, Kramer’s children decided they wanted to use social media to find their brother. 

“We have joined and searched adoption registries,” the siblings wrote. “We’re praying this may work, as it has for others. It has been Mom’s decades-long wish to find you, and we would love to meet our big brother.”

“My mom feels the need to see him,” said 49-year-old Henson. “She’s been marking his age this entire time and wonders about him every day.”

“I have this feeling it could happen before the holidays,” Henson said. “We are praying for a Christmas miracle.”

UPDATE: Marie Henson noted in her Facebook post that she believes they may have found their brother, and are waiting on DNA tests to confirm.

This truly proves the power of social media, and how it can be used in a positive way.

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Marie Henson]