Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck Under Steel Wall

Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck Under Steel Wall

A cat found itself in serious need of help when it got its head stuck in a metal garage door on Baltimore Avenue in Chicago. 

According to Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department, the cat wiggled frantically while six firefighters used tools to chip away at the concrete. 

The cat, shown in the video below, appeared to be in a lot of distress as the firefighters tried to remove his trapped body from the concrete. It took a team of fire fighters to remove the frightened cat, who literally could not see anything that was going on.

After a couple of minutes of chipping away at the concrete, one of the fire fighters got down on the ground and held the cat’s tiny body as a co-worker pushed the concrete out of the way.

Finally, the cat was able to wiggle out, and when it did, it bolted fast from the scene and away from the firefighters. We are unsure if rescuers caught up to the cat to make sure if it was ok, but given the way it jolted up, it was likely fine.

Thanks to the Chicago Fire Department for this incredible rescue!

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Storyful News]