Firefighters Rescue Kittens Born Inside Their Fire Engine

Firefighters Rescue Kittens Born Inside Their Fire Engine

For a pregnant stray cat, the most important part of preparing for the birth of her kittens is finding a safe place to give birth that’s free from predators and danger.

So when a stray cat found a fire engine that hadn’t been used for a while because it was in the shop being repaired, she knew it was the perfect spot. But when the truck was returned to the Indianapolis Fire Department shortly after, the crew had no idea that their truck was now holding precious cargo.

But when the crew started hearing strange noises coming from within the truck, they decided to investigate. “They thought it was bird’s chirping but then found the babies huddled together in that compartment. They were pretty dirty and hungry,” said Rita Reith, battalion chief of media relations.

The firefighters pulled the three kittens from the engine’s hose bed, and since their mother wasn’t with them and couldn’t be found, they took the litter to Noah’s Animal Hospital. For now, the babies with be cared for and hand-fed for about eight weeks and then put up for adoption.

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment these firefighters rescue kittens born inside one of their own trucks.

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[Featured Image: Facebook/Indianapolis Fire Department]