Firefighters Save Baby Deer Trapped In Wildfire

Firefighters Save Baby Deer Trapped In Wildfire

Normally, wildlife experts warn people not to touch or a baby wild animal found without their mother in their natural habitat, even when they appear to be abandoned.

However, a group of Arizona firefighters broke their own rule when they discovered two baby deer trapped in the middle of a huge wildfire that has already burned more than 28,000 acres. “While combatting the Goodwin Fire Friday evening the Flagstaff Hotshots found two deer fawns in danger of being impacted by the flames,” U.S. Forest Service – Prescott National Forest wrote in a post to Facebook.

“The Hotshots carried the fawns out of harm’s way and transferred them to a nearby unaffected habitat so they could be reunited with their mother… While Arizona Game and Fish Department encourage people not to pick up baby wildlife, under these extenuating circumstances the firefighters were moving the fawns out of harm’s way.”

Yet when crews from the morning shift came to take over for the night shift, someone noticed that one of the babies wasn’t doing well and looked disoriented. Rather than leaving them to fend for themselves, the crew called the Arizona Game and Fish Department and stayed with them until rescuers could come and bring them to a rehabilitation center. “The Goodwin Fire fawns have been transported to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. If they respond to treatment they will ultimately be released when old enough to make the transition back to a life in the wild.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible moment these firefighters carried two baby deer from a massive Arizona wildfire.

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[Featured image: U.S. Forest Service – Prescott National Forest]