Firefighters Save Dog Trapped At The Bottom Of A 30-Foot Well

Firefighters Save Dog Trapped At The Bottom Of A 30-Foot Well

What started out as a nice Sunday morning hike around Malibu quickly turned into a nightmare for one California man after his beloved dog became trapped 30 feet below ground.

This past Sunday, one man brought his dog, Lucy, out on a hike in Malibu’s Escondido Canyon Park, but in the middle of the hike, Lucy suddenly disappeared. Soon after, her owner realized that Lucy had fallen and was trapped at the bottom of a 30-foot well.

Lucy’s owner couldn’t tell if she was injured and had no way to get down to her, so he called for help. By 11:48 a.m., the team of firefighters was at the scene and immediately started working to build a hoist and pulley system to rescue her from the deep hole.

“We set up an Arizona Vortex, which is a three-legged artificial high point,” said USAR rescuer Matt Walmsley. “And that allows me to come to of the hole clean. We put on a safety rope, and the main rope and I went down with a strap that I have in my pocket here. I got it around the dog and stood her up and got her in my arms and up we came.” Nearly five hours after falling in, Lucy was finally rescued and reunited with her family.

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible moment these rescuers saved Lucy and returned her to her worried owner.

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