Fireman Collects Donations For Grandma Who Lost Everything

Fireman Collects Donations For Grandma Who Lost Everything

When a house fire completely destroyed one Texas home, a grandmother and her four grandchildren were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Despite a local fire department’s efforts to stop the fire, nearly everything in the home was destroyed. “We met with the family the day after and you could really see it starting to sink in that they no longer had anything,” said firefighter Isaac Saldivar who was one of the first firemen at the scene.

Because of his job, Salvidar is used to coming into plenty of contact with people and families who have just lost everything to a fire. But when he met the woman raising her grandkids on her own, he felt he had to do something more to help. “I don’t know if something just struck a cord with me,” Salvidar said.

“She was a grandmother trying to raise four grandkids on her own. So I said you know what I’m going to ask around. I know my son has clothes that can fit one of the boys, I’m going to ask around to see what I can do to help her,” Saldivar said. With help from his community, Saldivar has started collecting everything from clothes to toys and shoes.

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing thing these firefighters are doing for a grandmother after she lost everything.

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[Featured image: KXAN]