Firemen Finish Mowing Lawn For Man They Just Saved

Firemen Finish Mowing Lawn For Man They Just Saved

Most people think that a first responder’s only job is to save lives, but two Idaho firefighter just proved there’s more to the job, when they stuck around to help after rescuing a man who went into cardiac arrest.

Last Friday, first responders from Kootenai County, Idaho were dispatched to save a local man who had collapsed while mowing his lawn and went into cardiac arrest. “I listen to the police scanner sometimes and I heard my street over the radio and the dispatcher was talking about someone having an attack,” said neighbor Chris Beaty. “It was a guy who lives directly across the street from me.”

Beaty ran over and stayed with the man until help arrived. “They transported him to the hospital and the fire truck left behind,” said Beaty, who expected the rest of the first responders to leave shortly after. But he was left stunned by what a couple of firemen did next. “They actually took the mower and finished mowing this guy’s lawn,” Beaty said. “I said, ‘Hey, I can do that,’ and they said, ‘No, this is what we do.’ They finished the lawn and then put the lawn mower away and went on their way.”

“It’s part of the public service we provide. It’s tying the loose ends up of taking care of an incident. If there is time to go the extra mile and help someone one what could be the worst day of their lives, we should,” said Kootenai deputy fire chief, Dan Ryan. “They were super caring and went above and beyond,” Beaty said. “They weren’t there to punch a time clock. They were there to serve the community. They didn’t have to do that but they did. They genuinely care and that was awesome to see.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Mary Beaty]