Fisherman Free Baby Seal Caught In Their Net

Fisherman Free Baby Seal Caught In Their Net

Fishermen usually hope to find things trapped in their nets when they pull them out from the water, but two Maine lobstermen jumped into action when they realized they caught something they hadn’t meant to.

Last week, Jeremy Willey and Jeffrey Dorr were fishing about 10 to 12 miles off the coast, when they spotted something unusual entangled in their fishing net. As they pulled the bright green netting up into the boat, they realized they had accidentally caught a baby seal.

Thankfully, they seal didn’t appear to be injured, so Dorr started filming as Willey started carefully cutting away the net that was wrapped around the baby’s small body. In the video, Willey manages to cut the seal pup out and then gently lowered it back into the water.

Dorr later shared the awesome moment on Facebook, and the pair is shocked that nearly 1.5 million people from around the world have watched it. “I didn’t think it was anything huge,” said Willey, who doesn’t even have a Facebook account.

Watch the awesome moment these fishermen release this baby seal back into the water.

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[Featured image: Youtube/Resisting Entropy]