Florida News Anchor Walks Off Set Over Kardashians

Florida News Anchor Walks Off Set Over Kardashians

FOX 35 news anchor John Brown was “having a good Friday,” until the mention of Kylie Jenner came up.

When yet another story about a Kardashian was prompted in the run-down, Brown refused to talk about the “non-story,” that America has been obsessed with for too long. In case you’re wondering (though I knew you’re not), the youngest member of the Kardashian clan posted to Instagram a picture of her new bunny rabbit, a little guy she decided to name “Bruce,” which happens to be the name Caitlyn Jenner previously went by.

Who cares about the upcoming elections, ISIS, and climate change, when you can obsess over what an 18-year-old named her rabbit?

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This was the exact thought the news anchor had (or something similar to it), so he responded with an attempt to storm off set, followed by storming back onto the set, which paired nicely with a long rant about how this “news” is exactly the opposite of what it claims to be.

In an ironic twist, The Jenner/Kardashian cult are still managing to make headlines with their non-headline making actions. The Florida anchor has already racked up over a million views and the video is growing. Bravo, Kylie Jenner, you’ve managed to outwit the public yet again.

Watch this fed-up anchor vent his frustrations:


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