Former Teacher Wins $75,000 Settlement After Showing Up To Field Trip Drunk

Former Teacher Wins $75,000 Settlement After Showing Up To Field Trip Drunk

When you send your kids on a field trip with to a bowling alley, the last thing that you should have to worry about is that teacher and chaperone getting so intoxicated that they can’t make it off the bathroom floor.

However, in June 2013, bowling alley staff found a Washington Elementary fourth grade teacher passed out drunk on the bathroom during a field trip. A fellow staffer brought Maria Caya to the hospital where medical staff determined her blood alcohol content was 0.27 percent. In the state of Washington, the legal driving limit is 0.08.


Then, in a turn of events, Caya filed a $5.5 million lawsuit against the city last year claiming police improperly released her blood alcohol tests because it was a medical record and therefore protected by privacy laws. In response, the Janesville City Council voted to award Caya $75,000 WKOW reported.  The school district paid her $18,000 to resign in a separate agreement. District officials said firing her would have resulted in legal costs exceeding that payout.


Parent Christine Nimo told Fox 6 Now she was not happy with the decision .”I feel like we were victimized once. She put our children in jeopardy, and now the money that I pay to the city in taxes could go to pay her for victimizing our children.”

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