Fourth Grader Discovers Dying Man In The Snow And Saved His Life

Fourth Grader Discovers Dying Man In The Snow And Saved His Life

Many fourth graders would panic in an emergency situation, yet one Pennsylvania nine-year-old is being called a hero after discovering a dying man and knowing exactly what to do to save his life.

This past Friday, Owen Sambol was heading home from school on a cold, snowy day when he heard a faint noise that sounded like someone crying for help. Without hesitating, he ran behind the house to see where it was coming from and discovered a man laying face down in the snow.

The little boy tried his hardest to pull the man up, but he wasn’t strong enough. Instead of panicking, he told the man he would get his mother, who is a firefighter, and come right back for him. Mom Ashley Sambol called 911 right away, then pulled the man up and carried him into her home because she was afraid he had hypothermia after being stranded in the snow for son long.

“I’m proud of him,” Ashley said about her son, who stayed calm and saved a life that afternoon. “Had he been out there any longer and who knows.” Thankfully, the man had been rescued just in time and is now healing in the hospital. 

Watch the entire video below to see how this brave little boy managed to save a man’s life.

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[Featured image: WPXI]