Girl’s Random Act Of Kindness Helps Desperate Family In Need

Girl’s Random Act Of Kindness Helps Desperate Family In Need

A little girl in San Francisco saw that a family was in need this holiday season and decided to open her heart and help. 

A video posted on BecuzIcare11’s Facebook page shows a 10-year-old girl named Leah walking over to a mother and daughter on the street and giving them not just a bag of warm food but also money to spend. 

Credit: Facebook- BecuzIcare11

The mother was so touched by the girl’s kind gesture, she burst into tears, and asked Leah if she could give her a hug. She said to Leah, “It’s people like you that are going to save this world.” 

BecuzIcare11 told Fox 5 News that the exchange was recorded to send to the individual who donated the money to Leah so that can continue on her mission to help the homeless and those less fortunate than herself.

Credit: Facebook- BecuzIcare11

After the Daily Mail posted the video below to their Facebook page, it was viewed over 53 million times! Besides helping this family, Leah strives to help as many families in need that she can, and utilizing her own Facebook page, where she posts videos of her spreading the kindness to people everywhere, and also encouraging those she helps to pay it forward when they are able to.

At the end of the video, Leah even handed the mother a special bracelet.

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If you would like to learn more about BecuzIcare11, which is Leah’s non-profit organization in West Sacramento, California, please visit their Facebook!

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- BecuzIcare11]