Good Samaritan Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned By Mom In Garbage Bag

Good Samaritan Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned By Mom In Garbage Bag

A newborn baby who had a very rough start to life must have an angel watching over him or her.

In a video with very little background information, we see the disturbing moment a newborn baby is discovered on the side of a road wrapped up in a black garbage bag and left for dead.

Although the clip’s country of origin is unknown, it is believed to have been filmed in China or the Philippines, and it’s probably safe to say that the newborn was born to people mentally, physically, and  financially unfit to be parents. After all, how else could anyone abandon a newborn in such a horrific way?

The infant was so young that his or her umbilical cord and placenta were still attached. In the clip, you can see passerby stop in disbelief for the baby, who they were surprised to see was even still alive.

[Daily Mail]
Thankfully, a woman in a pink tracksuit who gives the impression that she knows how to help, steps in to try and save the baby and reveals that the newborn is both alive and healthy.

The shocking video is a reminder that people all around the world need compassion and help, especially this holiday season. Are you willing to help?

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[Featured Image: Daily Mail]