Hero Big Brother Takes Little Sister To Father Daughter Dance

Hero Big Brother Takes Little Sister To Father Daughter Dance

Big brothers are known for being extremely protective of their younger sisters, but one Michigan teen is being hailed a hero for what he did to protect his little sis from a broken heart after their father abandoned them.

Six months ago, 17-year-old Mohammed Hasher and six-year-old Noor’s mom and dad got divorced and it’s been extremely hard on the siblings since their father completely abandoned them and hasn’t reached out once to them. So when it came time for the father-daughter dance at Noor’s elementary school, she was heartbroken that she couldn’t go because she didn’t have a dad.

The Saturday morning of the dance, Mohammed found Noor sitting on the couch looking upset. “I said, ‘Noor, what’s wrong?’ ” Mohammad explained. “She told me there was a father-daughter dance at school and that she couldn’t go. There was no hesitation on my end, I shouted, ‘I’ll take you to the daddy-daughter dance!’.

“I wasn’t going to let my little sister be the one out of all her friends to not be at the dance,” Mohammed said.“She gets on my nerves a lot, but we’re so close. We lean on each other for support and depend on each other for happiness. That day, Mohammed took Noor shopping and bought her a new dress, and then spent the entire evening dancing together, and the 17-year-old even won a box of candy for being the ‘best dad’. “To me [the dance] meant so much. It sort of gave me a wake-up call on how important it is to be there for her.”

“I just hope people know it’s important to make sure you are being there for your family. Whether it’s your daughter, nephew, cousin… Just be there for them when you need to fill a void, when they need you,” said Mohammad. “He’s such a good big brother,” mom Sadia said. “I”m so proud of him for stepping up.”

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[Featured image: Mohammad Hasher]