Hero Cop Revives Baby Who Was Dead For Four Minutes

Hero Cop Revives Baby Who Was Dead For Four Minutes

When one Georgia couple woke up one morning this past month, they went to check on their one-month-old twins and were confronted with every parent’s nightmare.

One of their twins, Amir, had stopped breathing and had no pulse. “We really thought it was over honestly. It was real scary,” said mom Chucquel Davis about her preemie baby who suffers from acid reflux. “He was blue.” The frantic couple called 9-1-1, and Officer Joseph Dwyer responded to the call since he was only a minute away from their home. “I got there in a minute,” Dwyer said. “I went upstairs and talked to the mother and father. The dad was holding the baby and asking for help.”

“The baby’s mother thought he had died. She kept saying ‘he’s gone,’” Dwyer said. “I took the baby, placed him on a bed and performed CPR as I had been trained. Another officer arrived and helped tilt his head. After a minute, he started breathing and coughing up formula. We were both amazed. You could see his heart beating through his onesie, so fast.”

“It was … almost like a guardian angel. God sent him to us that day,” Davis said. “I never thought the day would come when I did this job, and something like that would happen,” said Dwyer, who insists he’s no more of a hero than baby Amir. “My actions wouldn’t have worked if the child wasn’t fighting for his own life. He is just as much as a hero as I am.”

“We’re not all out here just to just trying to arrest people or trying to ruin people’s lives. We’re here to do a job,” Dwyer said.

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[Featured image: Officer Dwyer]