Hero Dog Saved Abandoned 2-Year-Old By Keeping Him Warm

Hero Dog Saved Abandoned 2-Year-Old By Keeping Him Warm

Mothers are supposed to do everything in their power to keep their child out of harm’s way, not throw them in it.

Yet when one cruel Russian mom abandoned her helpless 2-year-old son on the unheated porch of their home without anything to keep him warm and dressed only in light clothing, a heroic dog stepped up to protect him and keep him alive.

For two days, the little boy helplessly waited for his mother to come back and endured freezing temperatures ranging from around 10 degrees in the daytime and dipping to about -5 degrees at night.

The two-year-old had no food or water, and only survived because of the hero dog, who cuddled with the little boy to keep him warm enough until help arrived. Thankfully, neighbors discovered the pair before it was too late on the second day.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital because he was suffering from acute hypothermia but is expected to make a full recovery since he is responding well to treatment. And the mother, who returned to the home four days later, is now facing a jail sentence for deliberately abandoning her child.

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[Featured image: YSIA/The Siberian Times]