Hero Firefighter Saves Drowning Dog And Reunites Him With His Family

Hero Firefighter Saves Drowning Dog And Reunites Him With His Family

A Miami Beach firefighter saved the life of a drowning dog after someone noticed the animal struggling to swim. 

The Miami Beach Fire Department received an email notifying them about the drowning dog and rookie firefighter Emilio Sanchez headed straight to help the dog“We see a dog about 25 yards out. He was really excited to see me,” Emilio Sanchez told 7 News. 

Rescuers responded to the scene and Sanchez jumped into the water to help get the dog back on dry land. “I got the dog on my shoulders, swam toward the dock, and at that point, my crew was able to get a backboard so the dog could climb onto it,” Sanchez continued. Miami Beach Fire Rescue tweeted a video of the rescue, along with a follow-up post showing that the dog is “safe and sound.”

About an hour after the rescue, officials found the owner of the black and brown Shar-pei/Rottweiller-mix and posted their reunion at City Hall on Twitter. “What a baby. He is family. He is my baby. I consider him my son,” said Jose Ruiz, the dog’s owner.

Sanchez told 7 News that while he appreciates that outpour of love he has received since this rescue, he said he was just doing his job. “Any life is important in the eyes of the fire department here. It’s all in the line of duty,” Sanchez said. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Miami Beach Fire Department]