Hero Teen Ran Into Burning Home To Save 7-Month-Old Cousin

Hero Teen Ran Into Burning Home To Save 7-Month-Old Cousin

In the blink of an eye, one North Carolina family lost everything after their family home went up in flames, yet they’re just grateful everyone, including a months-old baby, made it out alive.

This past April, a home in Kinston, North Carolina caught on fire after food was accidentally left on the stove and went up in flames. At the time, no one was inside the house except 7-month-old Michari Strayhorn, who was sleeping in the room next to the kitchen.

Some family members had been in the backyard as the fire grew, and when 17-year-old LJ Gray realized his baby cousin was still inside, he didn’t hesitate to run into the burning home despite wearing only basketball shorts and sneakers. “My daddy called the fire department, and I got the baby, ran in front got the baby, and by the time I got the baby the back, it was like fire, so I just ran through the front,” Gray said.

“As a firefighter were trained with all of the protective equipment that we have, the bunker pants, the coats the hoods, gloves, to go into these fires and were trained to know our limits,” said Captain William Barss. “And this young man did it with even less than what an average person would be wearing on the street.”

Because of Gray’s bravery, the baby suffered no injuries from the flames or smoke and was recently honored by the Kinston Police Department for his heroism.

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[Featured image: WITN]