Heroes Rescue Dog Gets Stranded In Mountains For Four Days

Heroes Rescue Dog Gets Stranded In Mountains For Four Days

A chocolate lab named Louie fought for his life after he became stranded in the wilderness for four days. 

According to TheProvince.com, Louie’s adventure began last Sunday when his owner’s stepdaughter, Janessa Walker, picked him up from her parents’ house to take him for a walk. The pair had been hiking since Louie was a pup, and his owner, Amanda McGregor, became nervous when Walker and Louie were expected home at 2 p.m. that day and never showed up. 

McGregor’s phone finally rang at 8:30 p.m., and she and Walker’s dad, John, were on the verge of panic. A stranger told them he met Walker and Louie near Radium Lake, which doesn’t have cell service and Louie couldn’t walk. Apparently, Louie disappeared for a few minutes as they approached a narrow bridge near the late, and Walker assumed he made his way across until she found him lying on the ground. “We don’t know for sure what happened, but we think he fell,” said McGregor.

Walker climbed down the mountain to get food for herself and Louie and called her parents and police before heading back up. “At that point, the police were not as helpful,” said McGregor. “If a person wasn’t in danger they weren’t getting involved.” Desperate for help, Walker’s parents tried to hike up to Louie themselves, but they were unable to get Louie down and were forced to turn around. 

Walker even tried to carry 90 lb Louie on her back, falling several times before laying on the ground with him. She covered both of them in an emergency blanket and tried to sleep. On Wednesday morning, McGregor devised a new plan and taking the advice of the SPCA, she joined a Facebook hiking group dedicated to Chilliwack trails and posted a plea for help. 

After many hikers saw the post, several of them offered to go up Thursday, and they planned a time. “Five complete strangers met us at the trail,” said McGregor. “I burst into tears. They were going up there to rescue my kid and my dog.” When the group reached Louie, they put him on the stretcher and took turns carrying it down the trail. “Louie wasn’t moving at all,” said one hiker. “The entire way down he seemed exhausted and tired.”

Finally, when Louie arrived at the bottom, he lifted his head and opened his eyes and from there he was taken to the animal hospital. 

The Province wrote on their website: “After three tense days battling exposure, dehydration and multiple infections, Louie was able to go home Sunday. One of his rescuers has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for his vet bills, while McGregor is planning a barbecue for the “heroes” who rescued her dog.”

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[Featured Image Credit: Amanda McGregor/Vancouver Sun]