Hospital Forced Mom To Wait Alone In Room For Hours After Suffering A Miscarriage

Hospital Forced Mom To Wait Alone In Room For Hours After Suffering A Miscarriage

Laura Percival was devastated when she learned she had a miscarriage during her 12-week scan.

Doctors revealed to the 27-year-old expectant mom from Croydon that her baby’s heart had stopped beating. “They did the scan and said there was no heartbeat. That day will stay in my mind forever. I will always remember the crushing feeling in my chest, the confusion of all the “what-ifs” and “whys”, the tears and most of all the guilt,” Percival said. This news would be difficult for anyone to bear, but to make matters even worse, Percival was forced to sit in the waiting room for three hours to have medical treatment following her miscarriage.

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Then, staff at Croydon University Hospital in South London told Percival she needed to come back the next day, where she wound up enduring a 6-hour delay before being given tablets to help pregnancy tissue leave the body. She was given an information sheet telling her what was going to happen next- but she said it wasn’t very helpful.

Percival claims a young doctor was very uncompassionate and told her also information as to what was going on, and a nurse had to correct her. “It was just poor management, when speaking to nurses they said that there wasn’t enough staff and they were stretched beyond their means,” Percival said. Unfortunately, Percival then passed a blood lot the size of an orange before doctors finally allowed her to have surgery because there was “still a lot of baby in there. 

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But as Percival was wheeled in for surgery, a woman took her through a paternity ward and she watched women wheel their babies around in plastic cots. “It just felt like a whirlwind that didn’t need to be as stressful as it was, and when I was left outside watching all of these mums wheel their babies around, my heart just sank and it felt truly awful,” she said. 

After the awful experience, Percival lodged a complaint with the hospital, and she launched a petition calling on the NHS to be more compassionate, rather than to avoid miscarriages as a taboo subject. 

A spokesperson for Croydon University Hospital said: “We were very sorry to hear about Laura’s experience and have apologized sincerely to her for the distress she has experienced. We take our duty to provide care and support to all of our patients very seriously and her complaint is being thoroughly investigated.”

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